Pause 4 Paws Rescue Mission

                                                                            Every Paw Matters

Our Team

Masters of saving lives! Why? Because every paw matters!

Susan J. Barbarick


Paws was formed out of my love for animals and seeing a need for more animal advocates in our community. The Paws vision is find safe and loving homes for animals in need. Our mission is to decrease pet overpopulation, reduce euthanasia rates, and fight animal cruelty.  


I am a registered nurse by trade and recently started pre veterinary courses.  My dream is to have a fully rounded animal rescue with educational, volunteer, and youth programs in addition to finding homes for the lovable and precious animals in our care. 

Hollie Gonzalez

Board Member
Hollie started out with us as a volunteer helping with adoption events. With her love of animals, her willingness to help, and her energy it was only natural to invite her to serve on our board. She will be helping to develop our youth program! 

Alyssa Nolan (Vice President)  and Sandy Kistle

Board Members
I met Alyssa through a mutual animal lover while volunteering at the SPCA of Solano County. She has proven to be a real asset to the team. 

Sandy and I met through our mutual veterinarian, Dr. Jassar at Vaca Valley Vet Hospital. Sandy and I hit it off from the start. 

I look forward to working with these to ladies in the future as Paws continues to grow!

Welcome aboard! 

Our Team

Masters of saving lives! Why? Because every paw matters!

Shelene Willoughby

Board Member and Treasurer

Shelene shares with us a strong love and devotion to animals. 

Shelene's love for animals is deep. She is the proud parent of one black lab (Harley) a Newfoundland (Bella), and two cats (Parker and Tipper.) Recently she added another fur child to her fold Tobey, all rescues I may add.


Board Member
Animal lover?? Want to get involved in saving lives? Contact us!!

Kimberly Rojas

Board Member

"I have extensive volunteer experience. I have volunteered for Dry Creek 

elementary school and San Onofre elementary.  I coached soccer for the Y at Camp Pendleton and Twenty Nine Palms , and a cheer leading coach for the Y.

All my animals are rescues. I am an animal care advocate and strong proponent against animal abuse."

Consultant: Debbie Bloomquist

Due to circumstances out of Debbie's control she is no longer serving as Paws V.P. However, because of her enormous love for animals (and the fact hat she is family, she has graciously stayed available as a consultant. We are very privileged to have her knowledge and dedication available to us. 

"I have been involved in all aspects of animal rescue for the last 14 years starting with the rescue of my own pets. My involvement includes fostering, spay/neuter education, and clinical work. I have experience in operating room observance, intake, recovery, and all aspects of clinic back office, as well as adoption events, single and railroading transport, emergency calls for extremes circumstances, fostering post-surgery, and rehabilitation post acl repairs. I sepcialize in bully breeds. and all budgeting aspects within county/city sheltersI have worked as a bookkeeper for 15 years specializing in non profits. I serve on the board of Pet Allies animal rescue as treasurer for 4 years and done their bookkeeping for 8 years.

I am an animal care advocate and a strong proponent against animal abuse."

Georgina Thompson-Our "Pawsome" Pawtographer

A few of  the photos on this page were taken by our paw some pawtographer Georgina! As we grow and as we hold adoption and fundraising events you will see more of her great talent! 

We thank Georgina for sharing her time and love of photography to take on the role of pawtographer here at Paws!