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Happy Tails 

Fluff Gave Me Light

by Micaella Carpio Little

(Featured in our Summer Edition Newsletter)

       Thinking about it I’ve always been interested in animals. Since the day I first got my miniature poodle snowbell when I was three, to the time I visited my first zoo in first grade, and from the time I rescued a three legged terrier from the streets two years ago and to now where I’m fourteen trying to get the required classes in high school to help me in the future. I’ve always wanted to be in anything that can help animals or do anything to interact with them. Thanks to a little friend I for sure knew that I want to grow up and become a veterinarian who can save the lives of any animal in need.

       It all started when my family decided to throw a small Christmas party at my aunt’s house and me and brother decided to play outside. It was late in the afternoon and we were playing hide n seek, I was hiding behind a bush silently until I heard rustling, I looked behind me and there he was a small fluffy white and brown terrier  just making its way down the sidewalk. I noticed he only had three legs but looked healthy as if he's been getting fed. I got up to fetch my brother and we told my family but they said “to leave him alone, he’ll be fine” but I couldn’t.

       We went outside and there he was walking around without a care in the world. I slowly walked up to him and when I got close enough I stopped and put out my hand out for him to smell and after a few second I petted him on his head and after a moment I got up and said “come on, it's okay” and he followed me. In my head I was screaming mission accomplished! Despite what they said my brother and I brought out a bowl of water and food and a fuzzy towel to let him rest on. When people went home my aunt saw that we were still outside with the dog and said we can bring him in and give him a bath. 

       We named him fluff because once we washed and combed him his fur looked like a big fluffed ball. He was so energetic and hyper and even with three legs he was able to jump around and run just like any dog. We stayed at her house with him for about three days until he couldn't stay with my aunt anymore because she couldn't take care of him and so she called a local dog shelter and before we left my brother and I couldn't let him go. He was are new friend and we wanted to take him on our road trip back home but we couldn't and we practically cried. The car came to pick him up a few hours after we left and despite having to let him go I was happy, he was no longer in the streets, alone, and going hungry and that made all my sadness slowly go away as the thought of having him being taken care of by a family and loved is all I could wish for.

       Getting fluff fed and cleaned made me feel better about myself and showed me that I do truly want to be there for every animal who needs people to care for them and to pursue my dream to become a veterinarian. I want to feel the same accomplishment and happiness I felt with little fluffers because having those feelings when helping an animal in need was the best feeling.


While attending the 50th birthday party of a friend there was a party crasher. This little guy, Bruno. At the time he was about 4 months old and nearly starving. Seeing how skinny and neglected he was broke my heart. We found ourselves bringing him home with us. Efforts to find his owners were unsuccessful. I believe he was dumped out on the California Delta, probably with his litter mates, but that is a tale we will never know. 

Bruno is about three years old now and the sweetest dog. He knows he was saved from an almost certain death penalty. 

I am currently writing Bruno's story, a fiction story but based on real life. His story about what he went through during the first few months of his life. The working title is Pit Bull Loyalty. I will keep you posted as the story unfolds.



Molly's life started off on the streets. As a puppy she was found as a stray and taken to the county shelter. A wonderful family adopted her, but after a few months had to rehome her due to circumstances beyond their control. We took Molly in. She is an exuberant, happy, and active 1 1/2 year maltese-westie mix who fits into our house perfectly! I will be writing her story too!